Espace pérenne jeune public (2024)

3D préparatoires.

Commande du Musée national de la science et des techniques Leonard de Vinci – Milan
Dans le cadre du programme The new gallery for young children – Direction Maria Xanhoudaki

Ouverture le 27 novembre 2024

Yvan Clédat et Coco Petitpierre

Yvan Clédat et Coco Petitpierre
Ales Bonaccorsi / Musée national de la science et des techniques Léonard de Vinci

Assistante textile
Anne tesson

Jeanne Laure Mulonnière
Clémentine Page


240 shapes in Lycra fabric foam, hollowed out in their center and split along their length, fit onto painted steel poles.

In the first space the poles are vertical, children can assemble colors and different volumes in order to compose sculptures and patterns. Very light, these shapes once fitted onto the poles can be lifted as a whole in order to slide another shape and thus advance the sculpture vertically.

Shapes of all sizes are available for all ages and physical abilities.

These soft and sweet shapes can also be placed on the arms, legs and around the neck and become costumes.

Children can also climb the poles if they wish.

In the second space, directly accessible through the tunnel, the poles are suddenly horizontal. They evoke mechanical axes and their gears.

Children can continue their assemblies, the shapes can be used interchangeably in both spaces.

The little ones can have fun turning them on the axes, the children can move around, crawl or lie down under the poles.

A carpet covers the floor of both spaces and the presence of numerous shapes on the floor make the entire installation soft and comfortable…and shock-absorbing.

Two staircases lead down to the second space. Children can also lean on masts to descend from the two circulation areas where foam benches are available for children and parents.